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Using Screen Magnifier and display resolution on Windows 10 and Mac OS X

Having a little trouble seeing what's one your screen?  Text too  small?  Text too big? This is how you can use a quick screen magnifying tool to zoom in on your screen.  You can also adjust your screen resolution to make things larger or smaller.  The zoom tool is available for both Windows 10 and Mac OS X.  In this video you learn how to use them! The Nerd Cave Web Development and Tech Support

I'm a proponent of Object Oriented Programming, and here's why.

Recently I started a somewhat involved project that should make it much easier for me to design web pages: The last time I worked a large project it became increasingly difficult to manage all the code as the project grew. But as I’ve come to adopt classes and objects it has become much easier to implement and manage code. I’m use to writing large chunks of code consisting mainly of variables, loops and functions. I usually try to organize this code by separating different types of functions into different files: I still end up with a mess of functions. Some functions only being used once. And a mass of code I have to sift through to figure out how some variable is being used (or misused). One thing I love about objects and classes is the organization. If I have a range of variables associated to only one purpose then I can use an object related to a purpose to store specific properties for very specific functions. For example with mouse tracking I do som

Quick Emoji access for Windows 10 and Mac OS X

Windows 10 and Mac OS X have built-in emojis which you can easily access with some short key presses.  In this video I show you how.

Using the FREE Microsoft Office Online

In this video I show you how to create a new Microsoft email account.  I also show you how to access and use the FREE Microsoft Office Online Apps.  These include Word, Excel and PowerPoint, just to name a few.

An introduction to the Microsoft Store

In this video I introduce the Microsoft Store, installing applications like an on-screen "post-its" app and a TV viewing app.