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Security Bulletin: Microsoft's last "Patch Tuesday" update fixed "PrintNightmare" vulnerability

 I wanted to let you know that as of August 10th, Microsoft has released a security update for Windows 10. It's important to install these updates when they become available as these updates (or "patches") fix security issues in Windows 10. For details on the many issues fixed with this latest patch, click the following link: One notable security flaw is called "PrintNightmare" which allows a malicious user on a local network to gain access to a Windows system using the "print spooler" service. More information on what the print spooler is can be found here: Also, keep The Nerd Cave in mind if you have issues with your computer. Some basic maintenance checks include: Checking for slow start-up programs. Removing unwanted background programs that could be slowing down your computer. Virus and malware scanning. Making sure e