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Nerd Cave Tutorial - Using Windows file and folder properties

Understanding and using Windows file and folder properties. Accessing file and folder properties in Windows will give you access to a variety of specific options for each item. There are a number of options available to you when you access the "properties" of a file or folder, like viewing specific details about a file or folder, setting a default application when you double-click a file in Windows Explorer or setting specific security and permissions for a file or folder. [ Click this link to watch a short video tutorial about Windows file and folder properties ] Also, keep The Nerd Cave in mind if you have issues with your computer.  The Nerd Cave offers REMOTE Technical Support.  Just pick up your phone and receive technical support right over the phone. Some basic maintenance checks include: Checking for slow start-up programs. Removing unwanted background programs that could be slowing down your computer. Virus and malware scanning. Making sur