Security Bulletin: Be wary of a Wix [Phishing] email that is being passed around.

Nerd Cave Security News for January 29th, 2020

Wix website users need to be on the alert for a "Phishing" email being passed around.

I just received an email in my inbox indicating I needed to reset my Wix password.  I have a Wix account so I figured this would be important.  The thing that gave it away was the fact that the entire email was written in Ukrainian.  I went ahead and did a click-thru just to see what was on the other end.  The site didn't come up so I assume it's being blocked.  Never-the-less, I thought I should give you all a heads-up about this.  If you're going to reset your password for any website or service, I HIGHLY recommend you go directly to the website first via your web browser and reset the password.  NEVER use a click-thru link on an email you receive unless you're absolutely certain this email came from the website.  Such a case would be when you reset your password and the website actually informs you that you will receive an email which will allow you to reset your password.

If you need computer service feel free to call.  Aside from repair and web development, I offer basic maintenance services which include:
  • Checking for slow start-up programs.
  • Removing unwanted background programs that could be slowing down your computer.
  • Virus and malware scanning.
  • Making sure effective Anti-Virus software is installed and working.
  • Scanning for a corrupt file system that could lead to damaged or missing files in the future.
  • Checking for possible hardware upgrades that could improve PC performance.

Take Care,
Jeffrey Cobb (Owner/Operator)
(747) 248-7790


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